Kotka is located 130 km east from Helsinki and 290 km west from St. Petersburg; the highway no 18 runs through Kotka.

The competition venue is an old newspaper printing house at Kotkantie 6. However you must turn to Valkamakatu from Kotkantie. In valkamakatu you turn right away to left.

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You will regonize the venue for few things:

  • From Kotkantie point of view, you see brown facility which wall states "YMPÄRISTÖKESKUS"
  • From Valkamakatu point of view, you see Lounaskahvila 99 entrance.

Turn left to Lounaskahvila 99 parking lot. Drive through it until you see loading docks. The entrance is through loading docks. There will be signs stating "KOPSA"

Picture of venue's entrance below

Toimintaa tukemassa